Shepparton Badminton Association


Shepparton Badminton Association

In consideration of the acceptance of my membership or participation in events with the Shepparton Badminton Association.

I waive all claims that I may have against the Shepparton Badminton Association, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees, agents and sponsors, or its executors, administrators, heirs, successors, or assigns (the organisers), and release them from all claims for death, injury or damage arising out of my participation in their club, their event and its related activities, together with any costs, including legal fees.

I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against damage arising out of my participation in the events and its related activities.

I agree to comply with all the rules, regulations, and instructions of the organisers.

In the event of injury or illness during participation, I consent to receive medical treatment, which may be deemed advisable by the organisers.

I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and equipment during all events and activities.

I hereby permit the free use of my name and picture in any broadcasts, telecasts and the press including website as they pertain to the Shepparton Badminton Association their events and activities.

I understand that my membership or entry fee is non-transferable and not refundable.

I agree to have my personal details recorded and used by the Shepparton Badminton Association and related parties for further communications of future related events.

I understand that the Shepparton Badminton Association has a Child Safe Policy, details of which are available on the website at https://www.shepbadminton.com.au/about/documents/

I agree to Shepparton Badminton Association By-Law’s

*For full payments and registration terms and conditions, please refer to the SBA’s By-Law, available on our website: https://www.shepbadminton.com.au/about/documents/

**For a full list of dates games will be played, please refer to the club’s event calendar located on our website:



I acknowledge that I am aware of these policies and that I will comply with them.

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