Shepparton Badminton Association


New Honorary Life Membership Award...

Published Mon 18 Sep 2023

This individual demonstrates exceptional loyalty, service, and contribution to this association.

This person has been an amazing volunteer for this association for a huge part of their life.

They’ve completed multiple roles in their time including, president, vice president, registrar, and have been on the general committee when not undertaking another role.

They have worked with our Juniors for years, organising many Friday night juniors' competitions and other separate tournaments.

They are an amazing advocate for the sport of badminton, and SBA, to students at schools and coaching more players than we can count.

They have been instrumental in organising and running our annual Shepparton Veterans competition.

We would all like to thank this person for their massive contribution to our association and congratulate Adrian Sumner on receiving Shepparton Badminton Association's most prestigious award, the SBA Honorary Life Membership.

We understand that work like this cannot be done unless people like this are supported by those closest to them. We would also like to thank Adrian's wife, Dot, for her support of the Shepparton Badminton Association.

We appreciate and acknowledge the exceptional loyalty, service, and contribution to this association.

Thank you, Adrian!



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